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THREADDIES (#1) - Your weekly dosage of Threadless: UNSCRIPTED.



On September 27, a little private launch party took place to celebrate the launch of the new Jeremyville line at Threadless. 13 of over 600+ of his Community Service Announcements are now available on tees. Myself and a few other community members were fortunate enough to be invited to his SoHo studio, and that place is magical. The walls are just filled with color-bursting works of art ranging from doodles, to paintings, skateboards, little vinyl toys, and much more. You could spend hours just staring at the walls. Jeremy is an awesome dude with an awesome accent, who rocks the crap out of his personalized black jumpsuit. The night started off on a high note as good ol’ Craig stood too close to a candle and went up in flames. Overall, a good night with good company. Free swag is always a plus, too. NathanWPyle, FrickinAwesome, Bennyd302, and Biotwist were community members in attendance. And of course, Rachel, Ross, Craig, and Christian representing the staff.


turp-si-kuh-REE-uhn, turp-si-KOR-ee-uhn

(adj.) of or relating to dancing; (noun) a dancer.

EXAMPLE: AlexMDC lacked drawing skills, so he became a professional terpsichorean ecdysiast to pay his monthly bills.

Threadless finally released the beta version of the much anticipated brand new site. Although some features are still in the works, things are looking reallllllyyy good. I asked a couple of bloggers what their first impressions were about the beta...

“It looks snazzier... I’m sure I would end up liking it more after I started using it, but that wont happen as long as the old site is still up.” - toopersent
“So big. So cool. So fancy. I think the site looks better, especially the forum. Where did the gallery photos go though?” - ir0cko
“I love the new minimalist design and layout, it makes navigating throughout the site effortless, and I'm looking forward to the new mobile app!” -jodabaum

Threadless has always been community-driven, but it was only a couple days ago that you really saw the true power of the community banding together to make something happen. 84 community members signed a petition to get artist Mitchloidolt a MadeBy collection. Fast forward three months later and BOOM, we were all surprised by a comment by RachelRayGun saying that he was going to get one!!

I asked Mitch how he reacted when he saw Rachel confirm his MADEBY... "It was the same feeling as my first print email. It's like when you're drunk and you fully realize you're drunk and your vision does that thing where the world flattens out. And then it's the moment where you wake up from a dream where you won the lottery and something and look around for some traces of it, and it's still there on the screen. The fact that it was in the blog made me really love everyone in the community that much more."

Every week, Lidija aka celandinestern answers a question posed to her by a community member

TheInfamousBaka asks: How can I use Threadless to improve my art style?
If there is one thing Threadless is absolutely awesome at, it’s improving artists. The incentive of getting printed (and thus gaining wealth and fame beyond measure) is getting you to draw, complete and submit pieces, and this I guarantee is already making you a better artist. If you keep subbing you can’t help but get better. Here are a few more things you can do to help that process along:
Score shitloads of stuff – yes, it takes time, you need to wade through tons of eye-burningly bad subs, and you’d rather be playing Super Hexagon. But scoring will expose you to a huge number of radically different pieces of art – from the abysmal to the sublime. When you see something that’s almost good but not quite, ask yourself ‘Why isn’t this working? What would make it better?’ When you see something you adore, ask ‘What can I take from this and use in my own work? The shading? Use of color? Line weight variation? Integration on the tee?’ The scoring section is a giant field peppered with buried treasure. Dig.

Check out people’s WIP blogs – setting up your own WIP blog is a good tool for improving a specific piece, but sometimes it won’t turn up anything useful, and on a slow day you might not get any response at all. Reading through other people’s WIPs is like browsing through design case studies – you see what they started with, what people suggested, how they implemented those suggestions, and how the piece improved. This will make you notice more things about your own work, and possibly give you ideas how to correct what’s wrong or make it even better. If you give some suggestions of your own, in time people will start to recognize you as helpful and will be far more ready to spend their time on helping you when you ask for help.

Browse the tips and tricks – The tips and tricks section on the forum has some amazingly helpful blogs, explaining things about print sizes, color limits, mockups, shading, halftoning, coloring etc etc. Great artists put in a lot of time to lay these out in easy to follow terms, so make use of them. Particularly check out Alvarejo’s video tutorials, there are four of them and they changed my life. If what you’re looking for is not covered, try making a blog with a specific question – someone is bound to have the answers you’re after.


FREAKY FRIDAYS: This is a comedy film starring drugswhore Lindsay Loran and Lesbian (?) Yogurt Enthusiast Janie Lee Courtis. It is good values about how it feels to be a teen, but also the pressures of mom life and also how to be a rock star. There is good acting especially from her black friend played by Raven Simone. Lindsey Loran does good job not being dirty harlot. I can't wait for sequel, what will it be about? probably jamaica and murder! 3 moms chaperones out of 2 rock concert at underage clubs.

THE EXPENDABLE: This is a good action film, but you know what I hate? There is no Jackie Chan! There is a part where violence happens, and I enjoy it until I remember Jackie Chan is not there. One good thing I like about this movie is that everyone has bad hair. Sylvester Stalone's hair is like silky pubic hairs. Final Verdict? 12.8

LOOPER: I have not watch this film yet but I have seen the trailer on television. The movie is about this I think, a man is a killer for hire and aliens send babies back to the past, then he has to kill those babies. But one of the babies who gets sent back to the future is actually him as an old men (huge mistake, how does this happen! Must watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!), then they have to run away from the police. But in the end, they move to mexico and pretend to be father and son, and have sexy parties. 2 Joseph Gordon Levitt's Explosive Bods out of 3 Secret feelings


Haymarket Riot
Chicago Illinois / Punk Rock n' Roll for your Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday. They have been doing everything right for 13 years


Kim aka cococosy can see into the future.

Aries: You'll notice that some people are acting a little suspicious around you. That's because someone is secretly planning to challenge you this week. Are you going to accept the challenge? Don't think about it too much, you are in need of some excitement in your life!
Taurus: This is a good week. You lost interest in something ages ago but it will come back big time this week. Enjoy that newfound excitement!
Gemini: Open your eyes, better times are coming! After a while of feeling somewhat off, things are finally falling into place. It doesn't happen overnight but you'll notice it in small things. If you see repeating numbers on a clock this week, good news is on its way and your life will be in perfect balance.
Cancer: If you're still worrying about that medical issue that seems minor to you, get it checked out. The least a doctor can do is give you some peace of mind. If you're in a relationship, remember that talking more often could prevent big fights. Single? Think about making a move towards that certain person! Call dibs before it's too late..
Leo: Being clumsy is a skill you seem to master this week. Accidents that usually happen in cartoons, could happen to you. Just be careful! Money-wise there will be a pleasant surprise waiting for you.
Virgo: Easy on the caffeine, alcohol and/or other substances you're taking! Whatever you're using to feel different, wonder why and try to solve it otherwise. Lack of energy? Trying to get more sleep or go for a run. Give your body a break, unless you're going to a great party this week.
Libra: A while ago you had this great, creative, idea. You started working on it but got stuck and didn't finish it. This is a good time to start working on it again. You're bursting with ideas and creative energy.. this is going to an awesome piece of work.
Scorpio: It's finally time for a radical change in your life. This may be a small or big one, like buying a house or go on a chocolate-free diet. In the meantime, watch a few of your guilty pleasure movies that you haven't seen in years. If you're feeling a bit lonely, consider inviting some friends over for a movie marathon.
Sagittarius: Life has been like a tornado in the past few months. If you're thinking about making some healthy lifestyle changes, this is not the right time. Take some time to relax and stop caring about what other people think. Splurge on your favorite foods without feeling guilty. Unless you're a diabetic of course.
Capricorn: Create some order in your life by making a list of goals you'd like to accomplish within a year. You might get some new ideas and positive energy. This will be useful since your life will become quite busy soon. It would be wise to save up some money if you're able to. Holidays are coming up and it seems you have a lot of parties to go to. Don't look at these events as obligations.. they're a good reason to leave the house and socialize.
Aquarius: Wow, it seems like you can't stop laughing this week. Doesn't matter if it's about ironic situations, or just small funny things. Humor suits you very well, people seem to take more interest in you. This will be good for your career, friendship and/or love life. Try to enjoy this time as much as you can, it's good for your health.
Pisces: Big chance you are probably experiencing some heavy thoughts this week. Nobody can answer 'the questions of life' so don't waste too much time on it. There's an opportunity to have a good discussion or debate with someone, don't be afraid to take it. Share your wisdom! However, don't do it if you had a few drinks. Could turn ugly!


CROSSWORD! - Click for bigger, printable version


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ir0cko profile pic Alumni

Hot off the press!


i'm still trying to decipher what mitch said

jeffreyg profile pic Staff


toopersent profile pic Alumni



BurritoGoblin profile pic Alumni

Al I think the important thing to take away from it, is that it was unreal. I'm not super great with words.


My horoscope, how did you know? Are you an x-man?

jodabaum profile pic Alumni
2 designs submitted - Score now!

i love the movie reviews i am now excite for the expandable

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

More movie reviews please!

jodabaum profile pic Alumni
2 designs submitted - Score now!

needs more dad reviews....

jeffreyg profile pic Staff

no one sent in their dads haha

the czar

Is there anyone in the community now more helpful than Lidija? I think not. And not just talk about the column.

Nice job little Jeffy

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jodabaum profile pic Alumni
2 designs submitted - Score now!

is it too late to send in my dad

BeanePod profile pic Alumni
7 designs submitted - Score now!

wow....plans do come together after all. nice!


hahahaha oh mang so good

Frank Vice

I was told there'd be topless photos of Jeff...


Frank Vice on Oct 08 '12 at 9:43pm

I was told there'd be topless photos of Jeff...

You can get this every night of the week on g+ chats...FYI

NomadSlim profile pic Alumni

Sweet! Way to get it together Jeff. It looks great in the blog, maybe threadles beta will make a special spot that you can post it without any of the normal profile stuff around it.

jeffreyg profile pic Staff

thanks everyone :D it was really fun to put together

jeffreyg profile pic Staff

hahah @ tyler/jen .. no topless photos sorry

Ryder profile pic Alumni

haha, nice job jeff! good job community!

briancook profile pic Alumni

So great! Thanks for this! When can a get a hard-copy delivered to my door at sunrise so I can do the crossword and sip coffee in my bathrobe?

PeculiarTiffany profile pic Alumni
1 design submitted -

This is so wonderful! My horoscope is spot on.

palitosci profile pic Alumni

Awesome guys! Excelent work!

Congrats to all!

bennyd302 profile pic Alumni

hey Im in a picture!

I made it to my first threadless event at the jeremyville launch. I met jeffreyg, NathanWPyle, FrickinAwesome, Biotwist and threadstaff rachel, craig and ross. Everyone was super cool... definitely makes me want to get more involved and start subbing more often. Thats my rant.

jeffreyg profile pic Staff

:D cheers guys! glad you guys like it

Frank Vice

Nice work, Jeff!



jeffreyg profile pic Staff

thanks! wasn't all me though :D couldn't of done it w/o the contributors

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

woah, a newspaper I actually want to read!!!! And I find out Mitch gets his MADE BY!!!!!! That's like the first one I'm really excited about!!!!! (sorry all you other made by guys, but Mitch is just so radical!!! :D :D : D)

Can't wait for more of these.


thanks dooooood! what fun!

Wharton profile pic Alumni

Oh my god someone did challenge me this week, Horoscope perfection!

Lidija is THE mothering UN. Great job everyone!


Omg so brilliant!!!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

First time ever I was able to finish a crossword puzzle!

Thanks Jeff

YaaH profile pic Alumni


jeffreyg profile pic Staff

thanks everyone! :D

nestor, im glad someone did the crossword!! haha

oh rad nyenyerejunior! did you make that?

also, i jus realized the formatting between here and the beta is totally different haha.


i like my horoscope! ahhhaa

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