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(noun) A person devoted to luxury and pleasure.

EXAMPLE: Omair relies on his sugamamas in order to remain a sybarite.


Threadwars 5 starts its first round TODAY! Threadwars is a community challenge where artists from the community go against each other. You have a week to design! The brackets are separated into Alumnis and Non-alumnis (see above). There is a theme every week, and artists interpret the theme as they please. There's no promotions or anything so that it's completely fair game. Highest score wins! The top alumni and top non-alumni go against each other in the end to gain the glory of THREADWARS CHAMPION. Go over to the blog to see the first round of submissions for the theme of BLACK AND WHITE as well as past champions!


Threadless all-star Becca aka Tragos is running Secret Santa this year! If you want to take part in this awesome community event, click on the link above and sign up! Sign up before Nov. 1st!

Special thanks to DeeAnn for the logo

Every week, Lidija aka celandinestern answers a question posed to her by a community member

jesshanebury asks: What's the most fool proof way to get motivated to do a chore/responsibility you really don't want to do?

There's no real magic bullet to vanquishing procrastination, it's a formidable force. Still as one must keep trying, here are a few things that work for me:

Set up a reward system -- you know how parents will sometimes set up sticker charts for their kids and put up stickers for good behavior which can eventually be redeemed for a prize? I find this works quite well for adults too. If you're at work and you'd rather be hanging out at Threadless (I'm speaking from experience here), give yourself the right to check what's new on the forum after every completed work task. This only works if you can trust yourself to keep the checks short, though. It can also work with candy, tea, checking facebook, or anything else that doesn't take long and makes you happy.

Finish tasks before they mutate into something gargantuan -- when I see a sink full of grimy dishes, my heart sinks. That's why I never let it fill up. Rinsing a cup after drinking your tea takes ten seconds, you won't even feel it. Washing ten cups after you've let them get cakey and dry makes you want to throw them away and buy new ones. It takes a bit of effort to make that habit but it's well worth it.

Negotiate with yourself about deadlines -- if you need to do something big and tedious, decide how much time it will realistically take, and calculate how much time you have before you absolutely have to get started. Then say : "Ok, Self, this is how it will be. We can muck around until Thursday, but on Thursday morning right after breakfast we are going to start writing that essay on elephant training techniques. No excuses." Then you can spend the time until Thursday mentally preparing yourself for taking on the task. When the time you agreed with yourself comes, be sure you do something, no matter how small. One sentence is far easier to come back to than a blank page.


A wheelchair man goes to the amazon forest and cosplays as a blue cat man fish, he rides birds (?) and has sex with his pony tail. Everyone is okay with this after a while. It was a good family drama, take your babies. 16 stars.

This cool film starring high school musical teen Vannesa Hudsings and Dwayne the Rocks Joneson (of Television's "Wrestling") is about going on a journey to become adults or find themselves, or something. My favorite scenes were when the Rock picks up a small baby, and says "I will eat you", and everyone says "noooooo!" but he is just joking and winks at the screen. Also there's this small latino man who is in a lot of movies and has a funny voice, he is my favorite character. 9 tiny kisses.

This is a movie with film actor Ben Aflick, I have not seen it but he looks like my highschool drafting teacher. This movie is about that time he told me not to cry when I got a D on his mid-term. I didn't cry, Mr. Wetsel! I'm not a wuss, and you look like a 70s tennis player. 3 windows 98 computers out of 5 dwindling public school standards.

Check out Seth aka 5eth's awesome Chinchilla named Venku! Ain't he cute? The chinchilla, not the ugly bearded boy.

Have you ever done the Konami code on your keyboard while on an old product page? :O

The amazing and XCORE staff member, Jess puts her genius brain to use to create her personal reviews of television shows in HAIKU form. dayum.

Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere

i am still nauseous
A note about chopping legs:
Use a sharper axe.

Kim aka cococosy can see into the future.

Aries: Slow down! Last week was quite busy to say the least. You had a lot of different things going on at once, but now it's time to take a deep breath and relax. Ok, there are some loose ends you still need to tie up but don't make it a priority. While you're clearing your head, do you notice that nice buzz? Someone else is causing it!
Taurus: The creative flow you're in right now isn't over yet. Good for you! One of your projects is working out great so far. Until you look at it the next day and notice it's missing something. Don't change the original concept but look at some other materials to work with. A new set of brushes perhaps?
Gemini: If you feel like your pants shrunk you might be right. You could blame it on the washing machine.. or the lack of exercise. Running to the gym right away is not that necessary, just give your computer/TV some time off. This week won't be very exciting which is actually nice for a change. Until Friday! Your weekend will be anything but dull..
Cancer: Hey daydreamer, where's your head at? Looks like you're not really paying attention to things. Be careful to not miss out on certain conversations, they might open up a few really nice opportunities. If you need to make important decisions this week, creating a pros & cons list could be very useful. Or just move this task to next week, you'll be more down to earth then.
Leo: This week is filled with social events. Even if you like to be a loner from time to time, socializing will brighten your mood this week for sure. Whether you received some unexpected money last week or not, try to get out of that 'big spender' mindset. You know you can live on very little money so don't go extreme now. Also, make sure your bills are paid on time, fines are much more expensive!
Virgo: Once bitten, twice shy. You learned some new stuff about yourself last week but it can take a while before you can put it to use. On a more positive note; you seem to be more relaxed and attract interesting people. That could lead to something romantic or an awesome collab. Whatever it will be, you'll enjoy it.
Libra: Feeling like a holiday? You don't have to travel far to be in a totally different environment. If you're thinking about going on a small trip, make sure you do it for the right reasons! Just for fun, not because you feel like fleeing from a situation. If it's not possible to go somewhere consider throwing a holiday-themed party at home. Drinking shots, making cocktails.. you name it!
Scorpio: Counting sheep won't do the trick this week. If you're having trouble sleeping, the app-store could offer some interesting solutions. Not into the high tech stuff? Look into relaxation techniques. Often the best ideas come up at unusual times, when lying in bed for example. Keeping a notebook for these ideas next to your bed is helpful. Except when you have company; that would be just plain weird.
Sagittarius: After a week of ignoring the world, some sunshine in your life would be nice. Still not loaded with energy? It might take another week of doing nothing but things that make you happy. If you were able to recharge your body and mind, go and do that thing you're always having doubts about. Like sending that message, getting a tattoo or order that awesome shirt you always liked.
Capricorn: Don't give up! Remind yourself that if you really, really want to achieve something it will happen (within reason). Don't let rejection wear you out, try again and ask for advice if needed. A few people might notice you are shining. Don't worry, you're not radio-active or having oily skin. Someone is putting a smile on your face, and admit it.. you enjoy it.
Aquarius: That new thing feels somewhat odd to you. Just like wallets or shoes: they need some time to wear in and get comfortable. If someone asks for your help this week go ahead and do it. That person can return the favor in a while, when you least expect it. There's only one exception.. don't offer to help if it has to do with money. That will only cause trouble!
Pisces: Away with the drama! Ignore all these stupid little things that annoy you this week. It's a total waste of energy, energy that you could use to turn ideas in actual projects. Take some time to do some research on the subject to make it a total success. Using your energy the right way will make this piece of work awesome. It might even bring in a nice amount of cash!

The blogs looked like this.

What do you get when you put two wacky minds together? Magic. Lance aka wearecareful and I are going to put our friendships together and create sick and twisted and beautiful little comics based on the tees... STAY TUNED TIL NEXT WEEK!


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ir0cko profile pic Alumni

Time to read all about it.

toopersent profile pic Alumni

LMAO at the top thread on the flashback. "Crazy Vagina Punching Story"


It's a Festa fiesta.


luuuuuurve this. I am trying to think of what I can contribute to the next one. Maybe a recipe?

toopersent profile pic Alumni

Recipes! Preferably desserts. Like pies.

Or pies.

jesshanebury profile pic Staff

I was near tears reading the movie reviews.

jeffreyg profile pic Staff

that would be perfect, betsy!

PeculiarTiffany profile pic Alumni
1 design submitted -

(of Television's "Wrestling") made me laugh.


I just searched the blogs this morning to see what happened to him since I was in hiatus at the time. It makes me sad that he's gone.

jeffreyg profile pic Staff

i miss festa ;(


lol this is really great!'

Yeah those movie reviews are gold!

Nice work ;)



jeffreyg profile pic Staff

its beautiful aint it

jeffreyg profile pic Staff

are u using internet explorer? lol

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

i dunnget the konami code thing, but the rest of this is awsum :D


how do you get all these old screen captures for the Flashback section??


I love you omair

also omfgchinchilla




that is the best thing


Okay I will have a dessert ready for the next one.

alexmdc profile pic Staff

toopersent profile pic Alumni
betsym said:

Okay I will have a dessert ready for the next one.


thechild profile pic Alumni

I've got to see Argo after that review




lol james henson's Avatar..... James Cameron's Avatar***

jodabaum profile pic Alumni
3 designs submitted - Score now!

haha loving the movie reviews still, but still disappointed in the lack of dad reviews...

Mountain Gnome

haha did not know about that Konami code stuff!

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

WarDrobeInSpareOom on Oct 15 '12 at 3:39pm Konami code does nothing for me. NOTHING.

You probably have the option to search for text when you type turned on. You gotta turn that shit off.



Also, I don't know if Mike still wants to do co-interviews. I'm not sure how, either.

jeffreyg profile pic Staff

good deeann, good.

haha you guys can do it whenever you want! i think it would be funny

jeffreyg profile pic Staff

@davii - secrettttttttttttttttt ;D


it's a kind of OCD right? 'this can be important in the future" presses print screen

jeffreyg profile pic Staff

hahhaha. naw, davii theres a website called


we could do This Week's Big O reviews


i love it! n_n

jeffreyg profile pic Staff

got some cool things up for next week! :) if u want to contribute anything taz, you can! :P


Ahahahah, the Konami code is so cool. It just confirm how crazy threadless is. Cool stuff all around.

Also, i'd still like to contribute with some little headers for articles, if that's still possible.

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

Where's #3? I need more Omair movie reviews!

cshimala profile pic Staff

I wonder how close we're to 2,000,000th tee?


super good!!!!

Steve The Great

That flashback page makes me sad.


steve the drunk is great

cshimala profile pic Staff

Oh yeah... After doing some digging, that promo was for the 1,000,000th order. We're at 4,467,895 right now

jeffreyg profile pic Staff

damnn haha

i feel like jublin was the 1,000,000th order

jeffreyg profile pic Staff

and won like every printed shirt for the whole year

Steve The Great

Jublin did win something like that, I forget what for though.


are you not reading any comments, stebe?

jeffreyg profile pic Staff


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