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THREADDIES (#3) - Your weekly dosage of Threadless: UNSCRIPTED.

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What do you get when you put two wacky minds together? Magic. Lance aka wearecareful and I put our friendships together and created this sick and twisted and beautiful little comic based on the tee, Firelight Cottage.

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(noun) One who is optimistic regardless of the circumstances.
(adjective) Blindly or unreasonably optimistic.

EXAMPLE: Despite the buggy beta, the pangloss community remained active.


Much has been said by bloggers about the newly released BETA version of Threadless. Threadless Alumni Silverqe seems to hit the nail on the head as to why there has been so much negative feedback towards it so far. Keeping in mind that it IS in BETA still, but all good points made here. Here's to hoping Threadless fixes the little things and keeps everyone happy!

... from TheInfamousBaka's LIKE/DISLIKE blog

"Isn't it web design 101 that a beta site should be NOT be full of this many bugs and errors before forcing your users to switch to it? Huge changes definitely alienate users, even worse when those huge changes DON'T WORK. Even being beta doesn't excuse all of this, the site is nowhere near ready, it's so unprofessional for both voters and designers alike.

For all this talk about making the new Threadless profiles more Behance-like and professional for designers, it's gotten so much worse. The "Recent Comments" thing is a nightmare, I cannot BELIEVE it is the FIRST THING on your profile and even worse that there is no option to turn it off. There's no forum/website/social network in the world that doesn't allow to you to toggle your privacy and online activity. The new profile was supposed to make me feel proud of have a Threadless page, it was supposed to make me WANT to show it off on my personal site, instead it's full of bugs, doesn't show even 50% of my total prints, ruined any semblance of privacy, turned all my old subs into hugely ugly thumbnails because of the incompatibility of old subs with the new sites... jokes.

Believe me, I know that sites need to move forward. This isn't a rant about how we should continue to ~live in the past~. But in all my years on the internet I've never seen a change so drastic on such a large website that had such nonexistent functionality. If Threadless has its heart set on this change, FINE, but having it perform so badly in such a public manner, I just can't.... it makes me wonder how much the design/submission/voting process even matters anymore.

(I'M ONLY THIS ANGRY BECAUSE I CARE SO MUCH THREADLESS sigh. The point of beta is to receive feedback, right? /end rant /stalks off)"

Just a reminder, theres still time to fill out your survey and sign up for Secret Santa!

Threadless all-star Becca aka Tragos is running Secret Santa this year! If you want to take part in this awesome community event, click on the link above and sign up! Sign up before Nov. 1st!

Special thanks to DeeAnn for the logo

Every week, Lidija aka celandinestern answers a question posed to her by a community member

Akaka asks: Can you give me some advice on how to nail a job interview??

There are a vajillion online articles about the do-s and don’t-s of job interviews, so I’ll try not to repeat the generic stuff. I think that basically all your energy should be focused on appearing as natural and confident as possible. Things that I’ve found helpful are: Wearing something that looks professional, but feels comfortable. If I dress up too much I’ll sit there like a stuffed bird and keep fiddling with my collar etc. If you don’t tend to wear professional-type clothes during your daily life, decide on an outfit in advance and give it a test run a few days before, to see if the shirt wrinkles too fast, if the waist is too tight, if the shoes become unbearable after an hour etc. Spend a few days researching the employer online, get a feel for what they do and then try imagining what they’ll ask you and giving your answers out loud. Do not do this in public places or people will think you are mental. But it definitely helps to hear yourself saying the words – you’ll catch things like hesitation, filler noises (umm, aaaaw, ehrmmm), unnatural pauses etc. Naturally you won’t guess all the questions right but you’re bound to get some of them, in my experience they all ask the same stuff. During the interview if you find room to throw in some cute little throwaway remark or socially acceptable joke, do it. Try to think about the situation from the interviewer’s perspective – the job interview isn’t some frightening judgment of your worthiness – it’s a conversation during which two sides are trying to determine whether they might work well together. It’s a lot like a first date. You want to appear smart, friendly and approachable. If you give clear and concise answers, ask intelligent questions, look and act presentable and polite, and smile, you’re bound to do well. Finally if it fails, chalk it up as a learning experience and move on to the next one. Sometimes it just isn’t the right job.


Famous actor Thom Hank reprises his role as Forrest Grump (world famous stupid fuck) and learns how to fly planes to korea, where everything is future and technological. Also, british people are in this movie, they are probably boring and get worried about stupid shit like breaking their feather pens (this makes this movie likeable to smart people). 2 crumpets out of 3 why do they have so many types of pudding over there?

Warning, this new movie is not about high school dances. It is secretly about space and vagina faces animals, that is a huge twist. I am thinking "when will black man ask blond mean woman to Prome?" but then instead everyone dies, this was not too heartwarming. 10 out of 16 chicken finger trays, reminds me of senior year.

Famous joking guys Andyou Sansler and Anders Snandlergs are in a film about being funny. I did not watch this film because I like laughing, but I can tell you about it. In the beginning, the son (Snandlergs) is the same age as the dad (Sansler) and they have trouble buying alcohol for their slutty party. But then, the dad (Sansler) learns how to be a good father to his son (Snandlergs), and then they both have a huge slutty party, and then Snandlergs goes to a different college than Sansler, but they are still friends. In the sad part of the movie, Sansler's girlfriend is like "why are you so sad?" and he is like "That's my boy" and everyone feels pretty emotional about this. Even though it is a comedy joke film, there is also an important heart lesson of family. 1 out of 10 feelings, I hate Andyou Sansler.

Ever wondered how some artists go from Start to Finish? Well, Threadless Alumni Mitchloidolt recorded his latest submission, Santaur, for us to watch in all its glory. Check it out!

Bob and Kristen (in this case, special guest Craig) used to do these SPOILER ALERT video sessions where anyone could join their livestream for funtimes. Viewers would guess the designs they were trying to spoil and the first to guess would get a spin on the infamous PRIZE WHEEL. Prizes ranged from gift certificates, to shirts, to autographed Staff photos. I really miss the days the staff used to do all these live streams stuff. DON'T YOU?


Watch this
jeffreyg profile pic Staff

A little shorter than usual.. just wanted to submit this before I lose power thanks to the Hurricane haha.

jeffreyg profile pic Staff

best viewed in BETA.. coding is really weird if viewing in old blogs :(

5eth profile pic Alumni

Awesome stuff! I wish I was around for the live streams in 2008 :(

P.S. Alice is the man.

BurritoGoblin profile pic Alumni

i am liking the comic. more comics!

jeffreyg profile pic Staff


glad you like the comic, MDL


aw yeah I miss the staff spoiler alerts, bnanna songs, prize wheel...

amen, Alice.

palitosci profile pic Alumni

awesome!! :)

BeanePod profile pic Alumni
5 designs submitted - Score now!

comics...yes to the comics and puppy delicious puppy dogs.

although omair's review of that's my boy is prob my favorite thing about this one

alexmdc profile pic Staff

awesome work! love the comic!

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

all awesome. Santaur makes it for me.


i LOVE omair's review of cloud atlas. i love this here thing. i love all yous guys.


also cloud atlas was such a wonderful little mindfuck of a book. how do they make mindfuck into a movie?

YaaH profile pic Alumni


PeculiarTiffany profile pic Alumni
1 design submitted -

Love this whole issue! The comic is so great.

And yes, I miss the live streams and videos. I remember being like NO TO FACEBOOK. Cause all the fun stuff was happening there.

jeffreyg profile pic Staff

cheers everyone :)


that robot smile


Warning, this new movie is not about high school dances


Akaka profile pic Alumni

Thanks Lidija ;D

jeffreyg profile pic Staff

anything u guys wanna see in the next one?


people's halloween costumes!

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