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Issues in approving my design for scoring.

Hi all. I'm writing here to get over an issue that is happening to my latest 2 submission, since the site is in beta.
I sent my Threadless design on Wednesday 9 and it isn't still up for scoring. It's the second time it happens.
The first design was up in 2 business days as normal, but for the last 2 it's happening the same thing: loong time for up and only a few days to vote. For example, for my second design, it was up only after a week and only after sending a ticket to Threadless , in which they said to me that was already up on 16th october, but in reality it wasn't visible to me, and it became visible only after my ticket. Then, only 5 days remained to me to promote my design. I fear that it's happening the same thing with this design. Is it a normal thing? I don't think so, Ahmad, a Threadless member also here, suggested me on Facebook to write it also here on the forum. So, what it could be? A beta issue? This beta version is pissing meee offf soooo much. :(
What do you think about this issue guys? Did anyone of yours experimented the same issues and problems in these beta weeks?

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might be a beta issue..

1) there still fixing some bugs here and there 2) theyre receiving the highest amount of submissions ever right now, so Dan is going through thousands of subs and can only go so fast.


Oh Ok Jeffrey, many many thanks for your answer! The important thing is to know what's exactly goin'on, we must have patience and just wait that the new site will be all ok. ^_^ Thanks a lot, I'll patiently wait for my new sub! :)


I'm in the same boat, I submitted on the 9th and am still waiting.

To be fair, I did have one design take longer than the normal within a couple days for posting on the old site.


Oh I understand... I wrote also on the Facebook page and they answered me to mail at help[at], I'll do so tomorrow morning, first I prefer to wait if they post my sub this evening or this night, maybe...


It's surely because of beta as Jeffrey said.... it's possible to wait two more days, as happened to you in the old site, but a week or 5 days isn't just normal... patience, tons of patience :D


All resolved now, my design is up! ^_^

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