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Brand new design needs critique :)

Hey everyone, I would love a critique for my brand new design.

I know that this is not a great image, i haven't perfected any of it yet. I would really just like pointers on design. Is it so-so, awesome, cool, not up to par to threadless? you know what I mean.

It is hand drawn, and am going to fix things up in photoshop and stuff. I cannot really change it drastically... you know i might be able to add some things here or there.

My main question is should it have human accompaniment? And I have been having trouble with the feet, so I was kinda hoping it looked alright without them... ??? And I need title and color suggestions.

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Azarkhin Nikita

Idea is quite good but as far as I understand you want to make it look like technical drawing, so you should avoid too many curvi lines like these little boubles on the back, also ripped wings dont look that good. I would sujest you to work on lines more as they are not perfect like they should be on a technical drawing. Good luck and work hard! Happy new year!


I like your drawing a lot. Is this dragon related to The Hobbit? If so then maybe add a technical drawing of a hobbit to scale with the dragon. Could be cool.


I think this is really cool, but you might want to add feet because it is a technical drawing. If you were just making a dragon that wasn't technical like this, then you could probably get away without feet because of the way the tail is, but becasue of the nature of this drawing, I would suggest the addition of feet. Again, love this.

Sam MacGregor

I think it's awesome! You might want to consider adding a 'skin' to certain parts of your design. Kinda like those technical drawings that show finish product skin and cut away portions to show mechanical function pieces.

Andr3wSal3 profile pic Alumni

I agree with finishing the design with the feet and losing the peacock looking bumps down his back. IMHO


Cool idea- I don't think it needs a human partner and agree with most of above comments You could get away without the feet if you left it as an unfinished/lost art idea Colours could be Blueprint (white on blue) or Da Vinci (black on brown)


It's a neat concept. I think adding more specificity for the internal parts would be a good idea. In contrast with the detail on the outside, the inside seems a little bare... Also, I agree with taking out the scales and adding feet.


Thanks guys. Lot of helpful things here. Nope, not from the Hobbit, haven't even seen it yet. I'll work on the changes tomorrow, thanks again... hopefully i'll get the new versions up soon.


I think it might be better without a human in it. Just curious, what color scheme are you thinking of doing?


It's a tough one, but I was thinking a crime shirt with brown design. Maybe the dragon would have a gradient of color. It's hard to explain but hopefully I'll have an idea up soon. I'll take suggestions too!


This is when I wish I was an engineer. Anyways, I've been tinkering around a bit, I like the random mechanical look, but I would love more color suggestions and title suggestions. I would also just like to know what everyone thinks :) Thanks!


Don't see many changes other than you finishing the feet. Those peacock bumps really clash with the rest of the design.


it's an original drawing, I can't change those that easily, but maybe i can think of something


i love the drawing. don't have a big problem with the peacock bumps, maybe it would look better if they were just outlines, not full surfaces like now. and if this is suppose to be a technical drawing you should add some details and specifications, like this is so and so long and this is made from this. something like this,r:1,s:0,i:167&biw=1600&bih=756 as for the color scheme i think brown on creme background would be great. it would give it the chalk on old paper feel. hope this helps :D


ooh like a diagram, awesome i love that idea! I meant to have the technical parts correspond with a bone or a muscle type of thing, so hopefully I can pull that off with details and specifications. Thanks!


How about something like this? Texture or no texture? (Not necessarily this particular one.)

I have also been playing around with a blueprint sorta thing, which I kind of think the idea is cool, but am not really sure about the design on a tee. What do you guys think?

  • highlighting the rest of the internal organs-details in orange color like you did with some of them (it makes sense to me)? Otherwise, I like everything I see (although not being able to actually read the text in writing parts can be a bit frustrating or misleading for some people, I guess, don't know) - it's a good artwork all in all, no doubt.
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