Threadless + Gap Worn-In

The Threadless + Gap Worn-In challenge winners are here!

383 designs /
printed designs / 149,208 votes placed

The challenge was

Your challenge is to create a simple worn-in t-shirt design.

You know that tee that’s so worn down that you can’t imagine the ink from the design and the cotton from the t-shirt ever having been separate? The print gets those cracks and crinkles that, for some reason, just make it look cooler.

Create a simple worn-in t-shirt design.

Skip that whole “waiting around for it to get old” part and create a new design with that distressed and weathered feel.

If your design is chosen, it will be someone’s “favorite old tee” in no time.

The winner received

  • $5,000 cash

  • $500 Threadless gift code

  • $500 Gap gift code

Designs from this challenge